British Equestrian Federations World Class Programme

Visualise training tops are currently being used within the British Equestrian Federations WorldClass Programme as a training tool to help improve riders position and performance.

Helen Mathie Team GBR Physio to Para Equestrian Team

I have used the Visualise Jacket with both able-bodied and disabled riders who have varying degrees of asymmetry. As a result of their asymmetries they have developed compensatory movement patterns which have affected their riding. The jacket enables me to highlight areas of postural adaptation and potential weakness that may not be apparent initally when observing them. Repeated self-adjustment of posture, and practising 'correct' movement patterns, can help aid muscle memory. This has the potential to facilite balance, coordination, body awareness and thus ultimately improve the ridden performance.

  • Improve postural awareness thus facilitating self-correction
  • Enable visual feedback to both rider, coach, and therapist thus allowing specific targeting of areas of weakness
  • Aid muscle memory by practising 'correct' postures and movement patterns
  • Fine-tune asymmetries to enable enhanced performance

Pippa Funnell - Internation Event Rider

"A very useful, new tool that makes you even more aware of your straightness. An excellent tool for trainers to use on their riders during lessons to help evaluate straightness. The jackets have the added bonus that they can also be used for hacking given that they are highly visible....."

Gill Watson, Internation Eventing Trainer

The Visualise jacket provides the trainer with a clear picture of the rider's position enabling small corrections to be made. It is also valuable to the rider s with access to mirrors in the arena to assess/correct themselves. Small rider corrections can make a significant difference to the horse.

Judy Harvey, Int Dressage Rider and Trainer

The Visualise jackets are a superb training aid. One of the most difficult things to get across to riders is their own upper body straightness and how it affects their horse. With a Visualise jacket you can easily explain how to make the corrections. If the rider has access to mirrors they can continue to work by themselves to achieve a perfect position." ....."