About Us

Visualise was founded by Russell Guire Founder of Centaur Biomechanics ( which is a leading biomechanical company which specialises in horse and rider performance. Within his work Russell has carried out over 30 research projects, worked with over 2000 riders, over 700 horses and spoken at over 91 conferences, From his work Russell came up with an idea of placing lines on a jacket to help riders and trainers evaluate their own position as a way of improving their riding and horses way of going.

In 2011 Russell went to a local supermarket and purchased a cotton garment and then went to a fabric shop and purchased some white ribbon. He then returned home and attached the ribbon to the garment with the pins and then asked a close friend to sewn the lines on. Within one day Russell had developed a working prototype that same day the prototype was being used on riders and tested. From here and several designs later saw our first range trading under our Biomechanics Company. Position Perfect well received. Our first range was a sell out on the local equine trade shows and featured in several magazines. 2011 was a great year as the feedback we received was immense and proved the worthiness of the product. As with any good idea people may like to copy it, however the Visualise design and brand is protected by international law.

Due to the worthiness of the product, in 2012 it was decided to that the products should be sold as a standalone from Russell sister company Centaur Biomechanics. So Russell rebranded with Visualise Technical Sportswear. A name which is more appropriate to the product's goal and ethos. In addition the design team have significantly improved the design of the garments in which the Visualise design is applied to. All of the lines are well stitched and all of the fabric used within the garments is composed of good quality materials which make up most leading sportswear.

2012 also has seen the birth of the Visualise training hooded top and Visualise training gloves, a favourite of Russell's. Customers and users can rest assured that all of the products featured within the Visualise range have been tried and tested by riders and trainers. They have been designed with three key focus points, 1) optimising the user use, 2) longevity and durability, 3) style, comfort and fit. With these three points the design team have designed some really nice products.